Fees for Services

Price list is subject to change and is not all-inclusive.

  1. $300.00 Monthly
    ****One Gelding Slot Available**** We feed custom blended whole food ingredients with Horsetech High Point daily vitamin/mineral supplement twice daily. Horse also receive free choice access to barn stored Bermuda hay and clean water. Blankets are changed twice daily and 2-horse trailer storage is offered at no additional cost. We maintain a strict ratio of no more than one horse per 3/4 fenced acre in addition to adequate shelter.
    Full Pasture Board
  2. $160.00 Monthly
    Lessons are available for beginner to advanced hunt-seat and equitation riders. Lessons focus not only on riding, but also proper horse care, preparing for shows, and safety around equines. All students learn basic dressage to better understand how body movement and form affects the horse as well as to create a more rideable horse. Advanced students also receive instruction on jumping. Priced at $160 for one weekly lesson per month.